Care of Hand Dyed Yarn

Care instructions:

I highly recommend hand washing your knit or crochet items in cool water with a gentle wool wash, to keep them looking their best.

Please avoid hot water and/or washing machines to help prevent colour bleeding.

After dyeing I wash and rinse all yarns, even so, sometimes a small amount of excess dye may remain and this could be released in the first wash.

Some colours are more likely to bleed than others and this is true of commercial yarns too, especially deep/saturated colours.



As with all hand dyed yarn, no two skeins will ever be exactly the same, even if they are from the same dye lot.

I have a set recipe for each repeatable colourway, but because I mix my own colours there will always be slight variations between each dye lot. Even pre-mixed dyes change slightly with each batch.

Colours can look very different on each yarn base.

I never knowingly sell a skein with a knot (industry standard allows 3 per skein).

While I do my very best to photograph colours accurately in natural light, all monitors and devices display colour differently. I also use stock photos, so the picture is not of the actual item you will receive.